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Environment • Green Building • Sustainability • Energy Solutions

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Modern Architecture


Environmental Assessment

We conducted various assessments in support of feasibility studies, planning application and land lease condition.

​We provide practical solutions to mitigate  the environmental impact arising from the development. Our environmental services include the following:

Noise Impact Assessment
Air Quality Impact Assessment

Odour Impact Assessment
Water Quality Impact Assessment
Waste Management

Land Contamination Assessment
Drainage, Sewerage and Water Supply Impact Assessment


Green Building Certification

We have previously involved in approximately 100 projects in green building certification including BEAM Plus and LEED for various building types including residential, commercial, institutional, educational development etc., from design stage to post-construction stage, achieving or exceeding the client's expectation. We are able to provide consultancy services for the following green building certification schemes:

WELL Performance Testing


Microclimate Studies

We are experienced in using computational simulation to utilise the natural wind and sunlight to facilitate passive building design. We conduct the following microclimate studies:

Air Ventilation Assessment
Daylight Modelling
Glare Impact Assessment
Light Pollution Study
Thermal Comfort Analysis


Energy Solutions

We are skilful in building energy modelling, life cycle analysis and feasibility studies of renewable energy to provide long-term energy solutions to your premises.


Energy Simulation
Life Cycle Analysis
OTTV and RTTV Evaluation
Renewable Energy

Energy Audit

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